The Spaghetti Tree Hoax

On April 1, 1957 the British investigative journalism and public affairs show Panorama pulled off one of the greatest April Fools pranks of all time. On top of their typical schedule they also threw in a 3 minute segment about the year’s successful spaghetti crop. A relatively warm winter turned out to be great for the spaghetti trees that produced the pasta and a decrease in the “spaghetti weevil” population was also attributed to higher than average yield.

Obviously, neither the spaghetti tree or the spaghetti weevil exist, but coming from the highly reputable anchor Richard Dimbleby many people believed it all to be true. Hundreds of people phoned in to the BBC after the segment was over wondering how they could begin growing their very own spaghetti trees. The BBC jokingly responded by telling them to place a piece of spaghetti in a tin can of tomato sauce. Check out the segment below.