8 Unique McDonald’s Restaurants

A McDonald’s restaurant is pretty much the same wherever you go, but these 8 specific locations stand out from the pack. Check out all the locations below:

The Largest McDonald’s
Located in Vinita, Oklahoma, this restaurant gained the title of largest McDonald’s in the world after it moved into the building and replaced the Glass House Restaurant that formerly resided there. It sits on top of I-44 as cars drive underneath the yellow arch in the middle and diners eat above. Calling it the largest McDonald’s is somewhat misleading however as not all of the facility is actually used for the restaurant.
The Roswell UFO McDonald’s
As with most things in Roswell, New Mexico, this McDonald’s is themed after the supposed alien crash landing that took place in 1947. Eat a Big Mac inside the giant UFO that the restaurant is built around and keep an eye out for any little green men flipping burgers in the back.
The Turquoise McDonald’s
When McDonald’s tried to build a location in Sedona, Arizona they ran into some trouble. The city felt that the famous “golden arches” would be an eyesore and clash with the natural coloring of the area and they didn’t want to sacrifice the beauty of their city for some french fries and burgers. To remedy this, McDonald’s offered to replace all the yellow with turquoise instead and the city accepted.
Quarter Pounder
The restaurant “Quarter Pounder” was an interesting experiment by McDonald’s to introduce the burger of the same name to Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant had nothing that you would associate McDonald’s with except for it’s menu item the quarter pounder. No golden arches, no McDonald’s signs, no Ronald McDonald, nothing. The only two items on the menu were, suprise suprise, the quarter pounder and the double quarter pounder. The idea proved to be a success as 15,000 people visited on the first day.
Box of French Fries McDonald’s
This giant McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida is themed after a giant order of McDonald’s french fries. This location could also be considered the largest McDonald’s in the world if you don’t count the one in Vinita, Oklahoma (doesn’t use the full space of the facility).
Barstow Station McDonald’s
Located in Barstow, California, this McDonald’s refurbished a few railcars for their restaurant. With the city of Barstow having a long history with railroads this restaurant fits right in.
Old Hotel McDonald’s
This McDonald’s in Melbourne, Australia was formerly the United Kingdom Hotel dating back to 1937. When constructing the new restaurant, the architect took special care to maintain the original building’s unique structure, much to the pleasure of local residents.
Vintage Classic McDonald’s
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! One of the first McDonald’s restaurants still operating just like it did on it’s first day back in the 1950′s.