Bill Ripken’s Obscene Baseball Card

Bill Ripken was a professional baseball player that is fairly well known for 2 main reasons (besides playing for various MLB teams). One, he is the brother of hall-of-famer Cal Ripken, Jr., and two, he used a bat for his 1989 Fleer baseball card that had a rather obscene phrase on the bottom of the knob – “F*uck Face”

After the 1989 cards were sent out by Fleer, many quickly noticed the shocking obscenity found on Bill Ripken’s bat. Fleer quickly edited the card for reprints, first with the words scribbled out with marker, then a blob of whiteout,and eventually sticking a black box over the words. There are currently at least 10 different versions of the card with the whiteout version having a book value of $120 as of February 2009.

Bill Ripken eventually admitted to writing the words on the bottom of the bat, however he said it was a practice bat and didn’t intend to use it for the photo.