The 1.85 Mile Long Wedding Dress

The world record for the longest wedding dress is now officially 1.85 miles long (at least that’s the record until someone else decides to design a dress that’s 2 miles long, which is probably inevitable, seeing as the previous record was 1.5 miles).

The event happened on March 20th, 2012, when Andree Salon unveiled their creation using 17-year-old Ema Dumitrescu to model the dress in the city of Bucharest, Romania. To create the train of the dress it took 100 days of hard work by 10 employees using 15,000ft of taffeta, 18ft of Chantilly lace, 150ft of lining, 1,900 sewing needles, and 150 spool threads. To display the dress in its entirety, it was stretched across the city center, and then model Ema was hoisted up in the air by a hot air balloon. Check out the photos below: